Olga kay

Olga Kay

Olga Kay isnt really as popular as alot of famous yourubers. 475,343 subscribers. If you subcribed she would say that you are part of the moosh army. She has different characters. Her characters are Razor blade and safety pin, Bubbly, and Jiggly. She has a Normal channel, A second channel, Vlogs,Gaming channel, and a beauty channel. Olga and Toby turner (another youtuber) broke up recently. But she told everyone not to go hate on toby because they are still friends. She is friends with Toby Turner, Shane Dawson, Nicki Phillippi, Jess, Bree Essrig, Tess Hunt and more. She says that she is our moosh mommy. At the end of each video she would say Mooshhh.