Shane was born July 19,1988. His first channel is 5th most subscribed on youtube! His second one is 29th. Also his IPhone channel is the 64th most subscribed. Shanes current age is 24. Shane grew up in Long Beach, California. He was a over-weight teenager who got bullied alot. Also he got beaten by his acholic dad. Who then was abandoned by his family. He has lost 150 pound sense then. He is in a relationship with a fellow youtuber Lisa Shwartz. He has 3 dogs named Miley, Chocolate, and Chairle. Also he was 2 cat named Snoop and Muffins. Shane has alot of different character. They are Shananya, S-Deezy, Ned the nerd, Mom, Aunt Hilida, and Fruit lupe. He does impressions of Paris Hilton. Shane has 2 song on Itunes now named Super Luv and The Vacation Song. Shane's friends that you would usually see in him blogs are His girlfriend Lisa, Bri, Steve, Lauren, Shanna, Kate, His mom and brother, Brittani, Ogla Kay, and many more. Shane has been nomiated for 3 award and won 2 out of the 3. Also shane has done alot of song parodys. At the end of each video he would kiss his hand to then touch the camera. Shane is a very nice person. If you watched his videos he cares about all of us. He even said if somethig bad happened to us it would affected him too.
Shane dawson

Shane Dawson